Lorna McIntosh Obituary

Lorna born to Peggy and Billy Lol on 22.2.1963.  Lorna went to Hythehill School and then Lossie High.

Lorna and Alan met as sweethearts as were neighbours in Macdonald drive in Lossie.

Isobel recalls in the early days of boyfriend/girlfriend Lorna writing on her door step in chalk (I LOVE ALAN) and saying if I get hold of that “red headed quinnie” I’ll tell her mother not knowing she’d be her mother in law one day.

Married Alan in Aug 1982 and lived in Clifton Road before moving to Coulardhill where she got her first encounter with cancer having a growth on her spine which she did not let get her down. After moving to a new house in Forties Place 6 years later gave birth to Kevan and three years later had daughter Kara.

She ended up like a mother to all Kevan and Kara’s friends.

In her earlier days she helped her mother Peggy in the pie shop at Lossie FC and went on to be a committee member of the club and made the best highland league millionaire short bread.

She was always the first person that the committees and directors met in the boardroom and also made soup sandwiches or curry for the players and also dinners for the sponsors.

She was known all over from Wick to Aberdeen in all football circles.

Only to be struck again with breast cancer 3 years ago which she bravely battled but as recent as 20 weeks ago began feeling ill only to be told that this time the cancer was too much to fight which resulted in her being unable to care for her much loved Grandson Fraser. Lorna sadly passed on Wednesday 29 June 2016

Lorna was a caring and loving wife to Alan, mother to Kev n Kara, daughter in law to Isobel and the late Sandy.

She was sister to Christine, Joan and Billy and also loving auntie.

She was an adored wife of Alan an will be greatly missed by all not only the family but every one from Wick to Aberdeen in highland league football.


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